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The WFFA caught up with Freestyler Nam The Man and got the low down on what makes this tricker tick.

"Through freestyle, it brings out the creativity in all of us" - Nam

-Nam Nguyen(New-En)

-DOB: 22/08/80

-Dublin, Ireland

Place of Birth
-Sligo, Ireland

Nick Name
-Nam the Man

Favorite Freestyle Move
Mega Magnetic (As i call it)

Describe your Style
-All round

Favorite Pastimes
(Other Then Freestyle)
-Magic (Cards - close up)
-Thai Kickboxing

Favorite Film and why?
-Jackie Chan fan, I haven't a particular favourite
I like his classic films, he does his own stunts and shows creativity

Favorite Actress
-I have no favourite actress

-None have impressed me as of yet

Favorite Band
-Again, i prefer to follow many: Prodigy for one

-Since my teens, their music seemed to attract me

Favorite Team (Football)
-I don't have a favourite team, but if i had to pick a team then Arsenal would be it.

Favorite Player (Football)
-Again, i prefer to admire a list rather than one since you can learn from all

Favorite Food
-Anything thing that tastes good, Lasagne though would be one in the top of my list.

Greatest Accomplishment

Major Challenge still to accomplish
-Design and Build my own home

Advice to kids wanting to get started in Freestyle
-Watch freestyle videos, ask fellow freestylers for tips, grab a ball and practice, be determined and don't be afraid to show your talents. Practice with friends.

What motivates you?
-designing a trick in your head, realsing it and documenting it to show the world that freestyle has no limits.

Other Comments
-Through freestyle, it brings out the creativity in all of us

So you want to be a freestyler?

This is best place to start to become a freestyler.

A fantastic sport you can play anywhere, anytime!

Keep healthy, have an active lifestyle and impress your friends

Coming soon…moves you can watch and download.


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Mission Statement

Our Mission is to:

  • Organize World tournaments and World Championships to further enhance and organize the sport globally.
  • Draw up rules, regulations and provisions to help in judging competitions and further organize the sport of Freestyle Football.
  • Work closely with it’s members and players to help make Freestyle Soccer become the best sport in the World through organization, growth and in popularity.
  • Represent the players, and to organize and sanction competitions. The WFFA is dedicated to the player’s financial and personal success.
  • Work as a non-profit organization.
  • Acquire rights fees, royalties, and marketing funds and then distribute payments to the players, invest in future events and take the lead role in the development of the sport (coaching clinics, youth camps etc.).
  • Establish a Board of Directors that are respectable and knowledgeable about the sport. The Board of Directors act in a responsible manner to represent the players and the fans FIRST, FOREMOST AND ALWAYS. They are custodians

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Grassroots Sports TV Inc - Grassroots Sports TV Inc. (GSTV) is a world leader in grassroots sports coverage more...

Merch Monkey - Artist tour support merchandiding company more...

8 Perf Pictures - 8 Perf Pictures is a huge and experienced talent pool that together makes up a production company ready to serve up something fresh more...

Digital Underdog Productions - A production zoo that feeds artists to labels more...

Gleam Media Inc - Our expertise includes Live Program Production, Program Post Production, Host Broadcaster Production Services and DVD Production and Sales more...

InTELaTECH - Intellatech is a fortune 500 company based in Toronto Canada more...

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